DECEMBER 1st, 2018:

I am adding a new feature to all the pages. Since there are thousands of them now, this is going to take a bit of time. But I will start with the main pages and work my way through them all eventually. Google Translate has developed some software that will translate a page into any language you want from their drop down menu, and provided a button I can add at the top of my pages in order for you to access this software. You can change the language the page is written in with a click of a button! I find the whole idea very exciting! I've had a couple of my agents test this and found it satisfactory - so this website can now be read by people who may not know English! If you are bilingual, please pass the word to all your crafty friends. I would like this site to be useful to everyone.

I have finished cataloging the issues of Burda's ANNA that I have. This is a truly marvelous all discipline magazine. It appears to have ended in 2016 - a sad blow. It had truly engaging craft courses in a wide spectrum of disciplines - including bobbin laces, which are so often ignored in fiber art magazines. The tatting courses are very useful(see the May issues for these), with patterns that are attractive and use the lessons taught in the course.

OCTOBER 1st, 2018:

Though I haven't updated the home page since the first of the year, I've still been very busy working on the bibliography. I have finished cataloging what issues of McCall's Needlework & Crafts that I have. I've also cataloged the handful of STAR Needlework Journal that I have. I got the oversize bags and boards I needed to process the giant quartos of "Needlecraft," and will be including pdfs imbedded in the catalogs for the antique magazine runs..

JUNE 1st, 2018:

I am still working on the "McCall's Needlework & Crafts" run. I'm just dropping a note here so that people won't wonder if I've closed shop. This is going to be a long slow slog...

JANUARY 1st, 2018:

Whew! 2017 was a very busy but productive year. So much got done! And a lot of that credit goes to Becky Clark, who poured uncountable hours into what she laughingly refers to as our rabbit hole. We spent a good deal of time on various thread manufacturers' lines of needlework books, published an article in IOLI's "The Bulletin" on a famous designer from the 1910s with the help of one of her granddaughters, completed several magazine catalogs and started several others. 2017 was definitely the year of the magazine for SUBS, and 2018 will be more of the same. I've GOT to reduce the number of magazine boxes I've got piled in the corner of my family's living space...

My big extra project for 2017 was providing high res scans of the first ten years of "Workbasket" magazine to the Antique Pattern Library. I got this accomplished and all the files uploaded to Syske about five days later than the deadline I had set for myself - not too bad for the crazy amount of work it was. I still don't have the huge transfer sheets scanned that came with the issues. They are very fragile and are going to require some careful handling to make sure they aren't further damaged. Sytske already has a page set up where issues can be downloaded as they are finished: http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/workbasket.htm http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/workbasket.htm

I've also been tatting 3cm squares for the "TAT A BRUSSEL'S MONUMENT" project at: http://www.canarithy.be/cinema . (I'm up to 152!) My goal is to be responsible for 2% of the 10,000 squares needed. A nice variety of patterns that fit the requirements are available at www.Craftree.com .

I started a bi-monthly newsletter to celebrate my local tatting guild, the Tri-Tatters, ten year anniversary in November 2017! We'll see if I can keep my deadlines for this in 2018...

I've set up a page for the short-lived magazine Martha Pullen's Fancywork. I only have the first two issues. I love magazines that swing for the fences with heirloom-quality projects. I tend to loathe anything marked "Quick & Easy". I want projects I can't design for myself. This magazine certainly fits the bill. If you have any of the other issues I don't have to donate or sell, please do get in touch. I would love to complete the catalog for this one. And for those of you who are always looking for paper dolls for your collection, this magazine ran a lovely series of full color paper dolls. And of course I'm still working on McCall's Needlework & Craft...

May all your kindnesses of 2017 return to you tenfold in the coming new year. Thank you, thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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