Oct. 22th, 2014:

I've had a lovely exchange with the editor/publisher of "International Doll Revue" and he mailed me the Premiere issue!!! I've updated the page to include the new issues and the information Mr. Shishido provided about his publication. I was so pleased to speak with him and learn more about this early publication. I've always been fascinated by peeks behind the scenes of the independent titles. Thank you, Mr. Shishido, for your insights and your generosity!

Oct. 15th, 2014:

Another update has gone up of the Soft Toy & Doll bib page and the Tatting bib page. I'm still working on "Modern Priscilla" as I have time...

Sept. 27th, 2014:

Tatting biblio page has been updated yet again!!! I've added the beginning of a bio/biblio page for Myrtle M. Hamilton , an important American tatting designer of the 20th century(yeah, most of it!). I'll add more to her page as I compile information, but wanted to get at least the compiled list of her articles that I'm aware of up and available.

I've also added 20-30 reviews to the Soft Toy Bibliography! I've caught up the piles of books, so it's back to "Modern Priscilla". I have the scanning, cropping and resizing done of the covers, at least. I hate that I'm missing so many issues, but I will process what I have and fill in more as I can lay my hands on them. I will probably do "McCall's Needlework & Crafts" after that, then"Homearts: Needlecraft". That's a couple of year's worth of work. If I don't update the home page for a while, at least you'll know what I'm up to...


It may be a while before I update the home page again - but I am still working on it, so feel free to contact me via akamoraih[at]gmail.com (and you know to replace the [at] with the appropriate symbol, right?)

Sept. 9th, 2014:

Tatting biblio page has been updated again!!! I'm very excited to announce there are now over 400 reviews on the Tatting bib page, including all the Mary Konior books. Rick has been a mensch about not complaining about the dinners I've been fixing lately to help "pay" for my obsession. We'll see how he holds up for the next five months as I get them all paid off<laughing>. I've been interrupted on the "Modern Priscilla"s to get reviews done on a slew of new books for both the tatting and the soft toy bibliography.

I've finished what I can of the "Old Time Crochet: Patterns & Designs" review page for now. I'm still missing about a dozen issues - but you know Murphy insists the information you're looking for will be in one of the missing issues, right? I had no idea until I started the review how many articles on tatting there were in this run - including several years of the amazing Myrtle Hamilton. I'm so happy I put together a run of this title!


Aug. 8th, 2014:

Tatting biblio page has been updated(and lots more reviews added!)and all the missing pics have been scanned, cropped and inserted. I'm slogging along on "Modern Priscilla" after taking a break from them to update "The Toy Trader" magazine review - I now have a complete run of this title!!! It was expensive, but I got it done. The first 4-5 issues are simply pieces of paper folded in half, and the 'cover' looks nothing like later issues. It's a miracle that someone recognized what they were and contacted me. It was a title I had no hope of completing. It makes me really want to find the issues I'm missing of "Doll Castle News". I haven't updated the home page since last October, but have been continuing to add to the biblio - mostly updating magazine reviews.

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