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  • First Stitches Cotton Crocheting
  • Fist Stitches: Knitting
  • Infant's Crocheted Afghan
  • Infant's Knitted Set, Afghan
  • Infant's Crocheted Jacket with Square Yoke
  • Child's Jacket(knit)
  • Child's Crochet Tam
  • Child's Hat(crochet)
  • Child's Coat(knit)
  • Child's Knitted Socks, Stocking
  • Ladies' Military Coat, Cap(knit)
  • Ladies' Knitted Sleeveless Sweater
  • Ladies' Knitted Sweater
  • Ladies' Knitted Slip Over Sweater
  • Ladies' Knitted Hat
  • Boudoir Cap with Tatted Edging
  • (2)Crocheted Boudoir Cap
  • Knitted Scarf
  • Knitted Scarf in Brioche Stitch
  • (2)Yoke in Filet Crochet
  • (linen)Centerpiece with Tatted Edging, Plate Doyley, Tumbler Doyley
  • Crocheted Centerpiece with Novelty Braid
  • (7)Tatted Edging
  • Clover Leaf Plate and Tumbler Doyley(crochet)
  • Filet Chair Set
  • Crocheted Dresser Scarf
  • Filet Table Scarf
  • Knitted Perle Slipper
  • Ladies' Mules(crochet)

Title: The Columbia Book of Cottons No. 9: A Manual of Practical Knitting Crocheting and Tatting
Author/Designer: Anna Schumacker
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1919
Publisher: Wm. H. Horstmann Co., Philadelphia, PA
Page Count: 48
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 7 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I'm sorry I can't give you even a photoshopped scan of the cover - there's just too much of it missing from my copy of this booklet. I've scanned the piece of the cover I've got and hope I run across another better copy to replace this one. You get a brief illustrated crochet and knitting lesson, but not a tatting lesson in this booklet. The edgings are better than just basic "Hens & chicks", and even though the photos are all black-and-white, it's clear they used contrasting colored threads to make several of the edging designs pop. Instructions are in standard written notation and not broken down, but the print is a little larger than usually found in books from this time period. There are no surprises in the designs - all very traditional.