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  • (6)Edging and Beadings-
    No. 1- Wheel Edging
    No. 2- "Sweetly Simple"
    No. 3- "Off Side"
    No. 4- Flower Beading
    No. 5- Dew-Drop Edge
    No. 6- Ring Beading
  • Six Handkerchief Edgings-
    No. 1- Latticed
    No. 2- "See-Worthy Frills"
    No. 3- Lacy Chain
    No. 4- Party Charm
    No. 5- Bright Touch
    No. 6- Daisy Rings
  • Layette Trimmings-
    No. 1- Trimming Braid
    No. 2- Forgetmenot Edge
    No. 3- "Adorably Yours"
    No. 4- Braid
    No. 5- Tiny Trim
    No. 6- Daisy Scallops
    No. 7- "Young Timer"
  • Edgings and Bandings for Table Linens)-
    No. 1- "Rose" Filet Edging
    No. 2- Flower Banding
    No. 3- Pointed Filet Edging
    No. 4- "Fuchsia" Filet Edging
    No. 5- Medallion(square)
    No. 6- "Zigzag" Edging
    No. 7- Wide Filet Banding
  • Ruffle Parade(doilies)-
    No. 1- 13 1/2" Rnd. "Fans and Ruffles"(linen center)
    No. 2- 13 1/2" Rnd. "Star Shine"(linen center)
    No. 3- Any Size Sq. "Ruffles and Points"(linen center)
    No. 4- 20" Rnd. "Pineapple Delight" Centerpiece(linen center)
    No. 5- Any Size Sq. "Spiderweb"(linen center)
    No. 6- Any Size Rnd. "Follow the Curves"(linen center)
  • (3)Edgings(linen center)-
    No. 1- Tea-Time Cloth
    No. 2- "Pansy Border" Tea Cloth
    No. 3- "Whirlaway" Tea Cloth
  • Table Doily Set in crocheted cutwork
  • Roses for the Bedroom-
    No. 1- Rose Vanity Set
    No. 2- Braid
    No. 3- Lamp Shades
    No. 4- Appliqued Roses
    No. 5- Irish Crochet Rose Edging
    No. 6- Roses in Crocheted Cutwork
  • (5)Knitted Edgings-
    No. 1- Wide Leaf Edging
    No. 2- Narrow Leaf Edging
    No. 3- Lacy Squares
    No. 4- Lacy Stripes
    No. 5- Wide Pointed Edge
  • Filet Edgings and Bandings for Bedroom Linen-
    No. 1- "Valentine" Filet Edging
    No. 2- "Fan" Filet Edging
    No. 3- "Criss Cross" Filet Edging
    No. 4- Filet Banding
    No. 5- Trimming Braid
    No. 6- Wide Filet Banding(with fringe!)
  • (7)Tatted Edgings,(1)Insertion,(1)Medallion-
    No. 1- Edging
    No. 2- Edging
    No. 3- Handkerchief Edging
    No. 4- Medallion
    No. 5- Edging
    No. 6- Edging-
    No. 7- Insertion
    No. 8- Edging
    No. 9- Edging(for blouse)
  • (6)Edgings for Lingerie-
    No. 1- "Lattice Lovely" Edging
    No. 2- "Light Touch" Edging
    No. 3- "Captivating Simplicity" Edging
    No. 4- "Winding Path" Edging
    No. 5- "Lacy Scrolls" Edging
    No. 6- Beading and Ruffle
  • Towel Edgings-
    No. 1- "Orchids to You"
    No. 2- "Sweetly Feminine"
    No. 3- "Flower Parade"
    No. 4- "Lavender Lace"
    No. 5- "Color Jamboree"
    No. 6- "Fan Flare"
  • Fashions for the Kitchen(Hair Pin Lace)-
    No. 1- Edgings for Curtains
    No. 2- "Always Bright and Blooming" 3D Flower Bouquet
    No. 3- Shelf Edging
    No. 4- Tray Service
    No. 5- Pot Holders
    No. 6- Breakfast Table Doily

Title: Edgings... Crocheted, Knitted, Tatted: Lily Design Book No. 21
Author/Designer: Esther Parnell Hewlett
Format/Publication Date: Booklet:1949(1st edition)
Publisher: Lily Mills Company, Shelby, NC
Page Count: 27
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 12" x 9"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There are only 7 tatted edgings, with 1 insertion and a medallion. I'm not usually all that jazzed by the average crochet edging, but this book has some truly exquisite finds. If you like to crochet, I'd hunt down a copy of this one. Here, also, is one of those rare instances where the thread manufacturer gave credit to their designer.