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  • "Pineapple" Tablecloth
  • "Ruffles and Flourishes" Centerpiece
  • Luncheon Set in Crocheted Cut-work
  • "Textured In Beauty" Bedspread
  • Filet Tablecloth
  • Buffet Supper Scarf
  • "Autumn Checks" Tablecloth
  • "Top of the Morning" Breakfast Doily Set
  • Card Table Cover(filet)
  • Party Time Birthday Tablecloth
  • "Rose o' Summer" Centerpiece
  • "Clover Leaf" Christmas Table Cloth
  • "Diamonds and Arrowheads" Bedspread
  • Thanksgiving Tablecloth with Shadow Filet Banding
  • Tea Cart Cloth
  • Easter Table Doily Set
  • "Pineapple" Luncheon Set
  • "Whirl Around" Doily
  • "Light and Airy" Doily
  • "Latticed and Lovely" Doily
  • "Dancing Fans" Doily
  • Refreshment Set
  • "Framed in Pansies" Centerpiece(cover)
  • "Smart Checks" Luncheon Doily Set
  • "Color Whirl" Table Doily Set
  • "Color Checks" Table Doily Set
  • "Color Texture" Table Doily Set

Title: Crochet for Today Tomorrow and Always: Lily Direction Book No. 1700
Author/Designer: Esther Parnell Hewlett
Format/Publication Date: Booklet:1947
Publisher: Lily Mills Company, Shelby, NC
Page Count: 27
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 12" x 9"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Lots of lovely patterns for crochet. There's a great variety in this one, just not for tatting. I was happy they gave credit to the designer. She is responsible for many of Lily Mills crochet pattern books.