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  • "Rambler Rose" in Embossed Crochet- Tea Table Doily and Refreshement Circles
  • Chairset in Crocheted Needlepoint
  • "Pitcher" Knitting Bag
  • (3)Trimming Braids
  • Bedroom Rug in Crocheted Needlepoint
  • Lamp Shade with Ribbon Around Top
  • Lamp Shade(cover)
  • "Flirtation Walk" Sandals(cover)
  • Vanity Set(cover)
  • "Spiral Wheel" Bedspread Medallion(cover)
  • "Rhythm" Bedspread Medallion(cover)
  • "Sunburst" Bedspread Medallion(cover)
  • "Water Lily" Centerpiece Set-
    Flower Dish, Candlesticks
  • "Tropical Leaf" Place Mat Set
  • "May Basket" Hot Dish Mat Set
  • Chair Seat for Dining Room Chair
  • Hot Dish Mat Set
  • Place Mats
  • Doily for Serving Tray
  • "Sweet Dreams" Baby Blanket
  • "Bunny Bedtime" Nursery Rug
  • "Sandy" The Scot Toy
  • "Scamper" Boot
  • Baby Bonnet and Bootees
  • "Pink Elephant" Feeding Bib
  • Rug and Seat Cover in Crocheted Chenille
  • "Valentine" Pincushion
  • (3)Curtain Tie Backs
  • Crocheted Scuffs
  • (3)Towel Trims
  • "Roasting Ears" Pincushions
  • "Spring Garden" Breakfast Nook Table Doily
  • Chair Set Pad in Crocheted Cord
  • "A Cheery Good Morning" Breakfast Tray Doily
  • "Sweetie-Pie" Pot Holder
  • "Snail Shell" Pot Holder
  • "Chick-Chick" Pot Holder
  • Pot Holder Set
  • "Dutch Boy" Oven Mitt
  • Beverage or Barbeque Mitts

Title: Portraits in Crochet: Lily Book No. 1100
Author/Designer: Not given
Format/Publication Date: Booklet:194?(price listed 10¢)
Publisher: Lily Mills Company, Shelby, NC
Page Count: 15
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 7 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Lots of lovely patterns for crochet.