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  • Yoke(crochet)
  • Yoke(filet)
  • Yoke(filet)
  • Floral Spray Yoke(filet)
  • Yoke(filet)
  • Edging for Yoke(crochet)
  • Yoke(filet)
  • Yoke(crochet)
  • Nightdress Yoke(tatting)
  • Chemise Yoke(tatting)
  • Wheel Pattern for Nightdress Yoke(tatting)
  • Handkerchief Border(tatting)
  • Center Piece(tatting)
  • Cushion top Border(tatting)
  • Tourist Cases(tatting)
  • Collar(tatting)
  • Double-thread Pattern for Towel(tatting)
  • (6)Edgings for Handkerchiefs/Napkins(tatting)
  • (2)Towel Edgings(tatting)
  • D'Oyley(tatting,7rnds)
  • Bath Towel Edging(tatting)
  • Abbreviations Used in Tatting

Title: Crocheted Yokes and Tatting, Series No. 4
Author/Designer: Mary E. Fitch
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1915
Publisher: Self, Brookline, MA
Page Count: 17
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There is a nice selection of traditional patterns in this booklet, and she wasn't stingy with the tatting patterns. Photos are black-and-white on good paper and the instructions are in written notation with few breaks. It's also very small print. It is marvelous holding something in your hands that is 100 years old. The copy I bought must have been stored in a trunk or box with a sachet - it still smells of flowers when you open the pages. Mine is a reprint, so the Table of Contents may not be complete. It was common practice to not worry about setting back up all the pages. I've marked the ToC entries with the discipline used to make up the pattern.