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  • Sweat Peas to decorate straw hat(crochet)
  • Wild Rose to decorate straw hat(crochet)
  • Canterbury Bell to decorate straw hat(crochet)
  • Chevy Chase Model Sweater(knit)
  • Bryn Mawr Model Sweater(knit)
  • Smith Tuxedo Model Sweater(knit)
  • Vassar Model Sweater(knit)
  • Mt. Holyoke Model(butterfly) Filet Sweater(filet crochet)
  • Radcliffe Model Filet Crochet Over Blouse(filet crochet)
  • Bradford Model sweater(knit)
  • Dana Hall Model Slip-On(knit,crochet)
  • Nightingale or Convalescent's Slip-On(knit)
  • Wellesley Model Sweater(filet crochet)
  • Lasell Model Sweater(filet crochet)
  • Child's Middy Blouse(knit)
  • St. Agnes Model Five O'Clock Tea Jacket(knit)
  • Child's Slip-On Sweater with Blocked Yoke and Cap(knit)

Title: The Newest Knitted and Filet Crocheted Sweaters: Series No. 16
Author/Designer: Mary E. Fitch
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1919
Publisher: Self, Brookline, Mass.
Page Count: 19
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 3/4" x 8"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This book is solely knit and crochet. They are written in the standard written notation of the time period, and not broken down. They are also in small print, so they are really hard for me to read unless I use a magnifying glass and transfer the pattern to sticky notes - not user friendly. These are books I collect to get a feel for the work put out during this time period, as it was a prolific period with tons of updated and fresh designs. This book feels very dated to me, with designs no one would wear now, but it was swinging for the upper crust with its posh design names at the time of its publication - fun to look through. It's the only book from this series that included knitting - filet and tatting predominated in this series. I may not have a 1st printing of this booklet. They tended to be 23 or more pages, with later printings having fewer pages(and patterns).

She had many contemporaries putting out similar booklets, so she had stiff competition for a piece of the buying public's household budget. Ms. Fitch was quite prolific over a 5 year period in pumping out little fashion books full of these pattern collections.

Side Note from Leigh: Mary Fitch also published her patterns in the pages of "Modern Priscilla". I've listed the ones I'm aware of on the Fitch bib page...