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  • (7)Tatted Edgings,
    (3)Tatted Medallions
  • Insert, Corner, Beading Insertion(filet crochet)
  • Leaf Collar and Cuff Set(filet crochet)
  • Scallop Edge for Luncheon Set(crochet)
  • Grape Vine Square Yoke(filet crochet)
  • Edging for Scarf(crochet)
  • Rose Medallion for(filet crochet)
  • Edging, Medallion for Pin Cushion Top(filet crochet)
  • Centerpiece Edging(crochet)
  • Linen Sailor Collar with Edge(Tatting)
  • (4 sizes)Round, Oval Luncheon Set(tatting)
  • Handkerchief Bag(tatting)
  • Round Cameo Doily(filet crochet)
  • Butterfly Insertion(tatting)
  • Insertion with Braid(crochet)
  • Girl Picking Flowers Chair Back Tidy(filet crochet)
  • Monogram Insertions for Silver Knife/Fork Cases, Shoe Bag(filet crochet)

Title: Filet Crochet with Instructions: Series No. 12
Author/Designer: Mary E. Fitch
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1917
Publisher: Self, Brookline, Mass.
Page Count: 19(Iva Rose Reproductions has a 22pp copy)
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 3/4" x 8"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I like Ms. Fitch's filet crochet patterns more than her tatting - but she put out some quite elegant patterns. There are some lovely tatted pieces in this one, and not just a token one or two! The title is misleading - one of the reasons I am trying to fill in these series, because it is more often the case than not. She was quite prolific over a 5 year period in pumping out little fashion books full of these pattern collections. I believe my copy is a reprint(it advertises up through Series #15 of this run), so my Table of Contents may be missing some patterns from the first printing.