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  • Abbreviations and Foundation Stitches with Explanations(1st printing only)
  • 4 sizes Rnd. Luncheon Set(linen centered)
  • Colonial Wreath for the Cushion
  • (6)Insertions for Guest Towels(cross in diamond,squirrel,4-leaf clover, scroll,Flowers on ribbon, pansies on ribbon(1st printing only))
  • (2)Insertions for Guest Towels(cross in diamond,squirrel)
  • (3)Insertions and Edgings for Curtains(scallop,scroll/clover,stylized flower w/ leaf)
  • (6)Insertions, (2)Corners(ribbon,stylized flowers, prancing cat, duckies)
  • Corner of Table Cover(scrollwork)
  • Edging to Match Insertion for Party Bag(clover on a ribbon)
  • (5)Set of Oval Table Mats(not filet)
  • Torchon Edging, Insertion
  • Clover Leaf Edging, Insertion
  • Tray Cloth Corners(linen center)
  • Insertion(chrysanthemum?)
  • Vandyke Edging for Sash Curtains
  • End for Runner(scroll work)
  • Edging and Insertion(stylized flowers)
  • Edging and Corner for Bedspread(scarab)
  • Sofa Pillow(filet Coat of Arms between two Chimaeras with fists raised(1st printing only))
  • (4)Filet Motifs- Flower Vase, elephant, Ducks, Spray of Flowers(1st printing only)
  • Filet Edging with Corner(1st printing only)

Title: Filet Crochet and How to Use It, Series No. 1
Author/Designer: Mary E. Fitch
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1914,1919reprint;2006reproduction of the 1st printing(Iva Rose Reproductions)
Publisher: F.W. Woolworth Co.
Page Count: 1914:33pp; 1919:28pp
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 3/4" X 10 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I only have the original reprint, and a reproduction of the 1st printing as of this writing. I've marked the patterns dropped from the reprints with "(1st printing only)" in the Table of Contents to the left. It is all filet crochet - no tatting patterns in this one. The last corner and edging for bedspread uses a scarab beetle motif. There's also a squirrel motif that is used as a towel insertion that is quite cute. Overall, a sweet collection. Instructions are written in standard notation of the time in large blocks and small print - I have no idea how women failed to go blind back then from the size type they used in their printed materials. There are no diagrams, but the sample photos are clear and of a good size. I will extend the Table of Contents when I acquire the first printing.

I broke down finally and bought the Iva Rose Reproduction. I love the great job this company does on their reproductions, but I like having the originals for the archive. Woolworth's must have reprinted the original 30 page book, because there is an ad page of 14 of the books with the Woolworth's address at the bottom.