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  • Introduction
    • Woodland Butterfly(on cover)
    • Oriental Poppy
    • Speedy Spiral
    • Tulip Medallion
    • Sunshine and Tulips
    • Hopi Sun
    • Kachina Sandpainting
  • Basic Instructions

Title: Quilts Without Corners
Author/Designer: Cheryl Phillips
Format/Publication Date: TPB:????
Publisher: E&P Sewing Inc., Gunnison, CO
Language: English
Page Count: 44
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0963055003

SUMMARY- If you buy this book used, make sure it still has the Wedge ruler still with it. This is a neat little book that combines strip piecing and cutting the strips into arcs to form round motifs. I like ALL the projects, but the Hopi Sun and Kachina Sandpainting hold special places in my heart. My family lived in Gunnison, Colorado when I was very young and before we moved to another part of the state to farm. There's an inscription from the designer to my mom, "To Dianna, I'll hug the valley for you, Cheryl Phillips". It was a fun place to grow up. They had a huge park, a rock shop that I frequented whenever I had allowance or Christmas money to spend, and the most amazing fireworks display every year put together by the Shriners that I've not seen since.