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  • Introduction
  • History
  • Why Add a Border?
  • Ribbon Star Blocks
  • Design Principles: Rhythm, Flow, Balance, Proportion
  • Design Methods: Tools, Techniques
  • Simple Border Styles, Application Techniques:
    • Borders w/ Straight-Cut Corners
    • Borders w/ Mitered Corners
    • Log Cabin Borders
    • Striped-Fabric Borders
    • Multi-Fabric Borders
  • Pieced Border Planning:
    • Planning Basics
    • Pieced Border Possibilities
    • Checkerboard Borders
    • Sawtooth Borders
    • Sharp-Angled Sawtooth Borders
    • Flying Geese Borders
    • Multistrip Borders
    • Multistrip/Triangle Borders
    • Mock Beaded Borders
    • Stepped Borders
    • Multiple Quilt-Block Borders
    • Log Cabin Borders
    • Interior Borders
    • Pieced Blocks On Point
    • Borders made of Quilt-Block Elements
    • Two-Unit Borders
    • Scalloped Borders
    • Overlapping Points Borders
    • Diamond Borders
    • Twisted Ribbon Borders
  • Applique Borders:
    • Planning Basics
    • Traditional Applique Borders
    • Vine Borders
    • Swag Borders
    • Special Applique Borders
    • Interior Appliqued Sawtooth Edges
    • Exterior Appliqued Sawtooth Borders
    • Dogtooth Appliqued Borders
    • Quilts with Uneven Edges
  • Special Borders:
    • Narrow Accents
    • Medallion Quilts
    • Bracket Borders
    • Asymmetrical Borders
  • The Final Touch:
    • Ribbon Star Quilt Pattern
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • About the Author

Title: Borders by Design: Creative Ways to Border Your Quilts
Author/Designer: Paulette Peters
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1994
Publisher: That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA
Language: English
Page Count: 60
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1564770826

SUMMARY- Mom put an inscription in her book that she bought this with a gift certificate given to her at Christmas from my brother Brock and his wife. It's a nice collection with instructions of borders to be used around your top to give it added interest.