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  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Fabric, Tools and Supplies
    • Cutting Strips
    • Making Secondary cuts
    • Pressing
    • Assembling Diamonds
    • Assembling Stars
    • Measuring, Inserting Side Triangles and Corner Squares
    • Floating the Star
    • Mitered Borders
    • Straight-Cut Borders
  • Preparing to Quilt
  • Binding
    • Pennsylvania Star
    • Children's Pinwheel
    • Lone Star with a Ninepatch
    • Lone Star Flower
    • Lone Star Reverse Repeat
    • Radiating Lone Star
    • Lone Star Hopscotch
    • Broken Star
    • Alabama Star
    • Carpenter's Wheel Variation
    • 1,000 Pyramids
    • Polaris Star

Title: Template-Free Stars: Now you can rotary cut and piece star designs in less than half the time
Author/Designer: Jo Parrott
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1993
Publisher: That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA1564770249
Language: English
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"

SUMMARY- This is a fun book that will teach you some quicker ways to get your Lone Star done - or a lot of other star patterns. As with all quilting, it's going to require a lot of math and planning ahead. But front-loading the work, just makes the really fast putting it all together to see if your planning worked all that much more fun!