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  • Editor's Note
    • Wild Stars(Jan C Wildmann)
    • Relative Comfort(Mary L Hackett)
    • San Diego Sunset(Jean Biddick)
    • Careening & Circling(Lois Pio)
    • Folk Art Flowers & Flies(Laura Heine, Willow Jeane Lyman)
    • Megan's Favorite(Karen DuMont)
    • Christmas Holly(Annette Anderson)
    • Fleur-de-lis(Connie J Nordstrom)
    • Lacquer Luster(Billie Tolmach)
    • Diana's Rose(Patricia Nicholl)
    • Reflections(Dee Doebler)
    • Warm Cabin Nights(Linda D Greuter)
  • QUILT SMART(tutorials):
    • Quilting Supplies and Resources
    • Piecing a Curved Seam
    • Diagonal-Corners Quick-Piecing Method
    • Machine-Stitching an Eight-Pointed Star with Set-in Seams
    • Quilt Smart Workshop
    • Jenny's Flower Garden(Elaine M Nielsen)
    • Communion(Susan Theobald Fujii)
    • Ohio Rose(Ruth K Bates)
    • Generations(Carole Monahan)
    • That's Cool(Tish Fiet)
    • Delectable Mountains(Lorraine Swann)
    • Remembrance(Jane Blair)
    • The Kitty Wampus Family Album(Rosellen Carolan)
    • Life's Journey Takes Many Turns(Peggy Waltman)
    • Vessels V: Blown Glass and Half Past Midnight(Robbi Joy Eklow)
    • Tah tank' kah wi hab la(Jean Ann Williams)
    • Garden Cloth and Reach for the Czars(Rebecca Chapin)
    • Wild About Florida(Venice Area Quilters Guild)

Title: Great American Quilts Book Nine
Editor(s): Patricia Wilens
Format/Publication Date: HC:2001
Publisher: Oxmoor House, Birmingham, AL
Language: English
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 084872447X

SUMMARY- Crayon Box Scrap Quilts turns out to be quilts that use as many different fabrics as possible. I guess I should have been able to figure that out without reading the introduction, but since I didn't(figure it out), I'm explaining for the one other clueless person who stumbled across this review. Of course you knew exactly what it was and didn't need my help! I find these collections diverse and delightful and wish I had them all. Patterns are not provided for all the quilts, of course, but there are many patterns nontheless, so the books do double duty.

DESIGNERS: Annette Anderson, Ruth K Bates, Jean Biddick, Jane Blair, Rosellen Carolan, Rebecca Chapin, Dee Doebler, Karen DuMont, Robbi Joy Eklow, Tish Fiet, Susan Theobald Fujii, Linda D Greuter, Mary L Hackett, Laura Heine, Willow Jeane Lyman, Carole Monahan, Patricia Nicholl, Elaine M Nielsen, Connie J Nordstrom, Lois Pio, Lorraine Swann, Billie Tolmach, Venice Area Quilters Guild, Peggy Waltman, Jan C Wildmann, Jean Ann Williams