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  • How To Use This Book
  • CHAPTER 1: Bring the Blocks Out of Hiding
    • Definition of "Alphabet" Blocks
    • Carpenter's Wheel
    • Double Nine-patch
    • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight
    • Hovering Hawks
    • Priscilla's Dream
  • CHAPTER 2: More Ways to Bring the Blocks Out of Hiding
    • Arrowhead
    • Bear's Paw
    • Diamond Star
    • Game Cocks
    • Weathervane
  • CHAPTER 3: Gallery of Quilts
  • CHAPTER 4: Quilt Settings
    • General Design Guidelines
    • Horizontal Settings
    • On-Point Settings
  • CHAPTER 5: Construction Guidelines
    • Block Instructions
    • Setting Instructions
  • CHAPTER 6: Back-art: "Make Do" Creatively
  • Bibliography and Resource Guide
  • About the Author

Title: Hidden Block Quilts: Discover New Blocks Inside Traditional Favorites
Author/Designer: Lerlene Nevaril
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2002
Publisher: C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA
Language: English
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1571201793

SUMMARY- Ms. Nevaril does a fantastic job of explaining her strategy and laying out examples of it in several different traditional blocks. I found the book interesting and informative. If you want the blocks tied together but also want the visual complexity of say a sampler quilt, I think this book would be a great read.