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  • Acknowledgments
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a French Braid
  • Chapter 1: EQUIPMENT
    • Braid Run Fabrics
    • Accent Fabric
    • Triangle Fabrics
    • Separator Band Fabrics
    • Border Fabrics
    • Cutting the Braid-Run Fabrics
    • Cutting the Starting Triangles
    • Laying Out the Braid
    • Troubleshooting
    • Cutting the Accent Fabric
    • Cutting the Ending Triangles
    • Sewing the Braids
    • Trimming Braids Without Separator Bands
    • Sewing Bands Together
    • Projects:
            Lucy's Leftover Watercolor Kit
            Formal Affair
  • Chapter 4: Adding Basic Separator Bands
    • Marking the Braids
    • Cutting the Separator Bands
    • Getting It All Together
    • Projects:
            Passion for Purple
            Baby Braid
  • Chapter 5: Braid Variations
    • Center-Out French Braids
    • End-In French Braids
    • Projects:
            Oriental Palms
            It's Alwasy Green in Miami
            Thanks, Frank
            Mi Casa Es Su Casa
  • Chapter 6: Adding Separator Band Variations
    • Simple Pieced Separator Bands
    • French Braids as Separator Bands
    • Separators Using Reverse Braid Order
    • Separator Bands that Align with the Braids
    • Reconstructed French Braids as Separator Bands
    • Chevron Separator Braids
    • Projects:
            Lava Lamp
            Shadow City
            Big Red
            Cafe Ole
            Am I Blue?
  • Chapter 7: Adjusting the Size
  • Chapter 8: Finishing
  • Chapter 9: Quilting Basics
    • Butted Borders
    • Backing
    • Batting
    • Layering
    • Basting
    • Binding
  • Appendix: Yardage and Cutting Charts
  • About the Authors

Title: French Braid Quilts: 14 Quick Quilts with Dramatic Results
Author/Designer: Jane Hardy Miller, with Arlene Netten
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2006
Publisher: C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA
Language: English
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1571203265

SUMMARY- There's gorgeous work in this one and it's all patchwork. Selection of fabrics is critical for pulling this pattern off, but the results can't be argued with. I highly recommend this designer if you want to do patchwork that feels like art.