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  • Introduction
  • The Art Quilt
  • The Quilts:
    • Rhythm/Color: Morris Men
            by Michael James
    • Shooting Star
            by Jean Hewes
    • Thy Will Be Done
            by Therese May
    • The Precipice, Four Panels
            by Gayle Fraas, Duncan Slade
    • #49
            by Pamela Studstill
    • Dashboard Saints: in memory of Saint Christopher(Who lost his magnetism...)
            by Terrie Hancock Mangat
    • Snow on Mt Fuji
            by Yvonne Porcella
    • Angel
            by Jean Hewes
    • Spirals
            by Pauline Burbidge
    • Waterlilies- Nymphaea odoratat
            by Ruth B McDowell
    • The Marriage: Woman/Man
            by Joan Schulze
    • Dancers
            by Jean Hewes
    • Marsh Island
            by Gayle Fraas, Duncan Slade
    • Rhythm/Color: Improvisation
            by Michael James
    • Mexican Graveyard
            by Terrie Hancock Mangat
    • Spirals II
            by Pauline Burbidge
    • Self-Portrait
            by Joan Schulze
    • On the Road with Marsden and Sonia
            by Rise Nagin
    • Depth of Field II: Plane View
            by Jan Myers
    • For all the World to See
            by Therese May
    • #47
            by Pamela Studstill
    • Discussing Plants for the Future
            by Deborah J Felix
    • Untitled
            by Veronica Fitzgerald
    • Lady of Guadalupe
            by Nancy Crow
    • American Heritage Flea Market
            by Terrie Hancock Mangat
  • Footnotes
  • Bibliography

Title: The Art Quilt
Author/Designer: Penny McMorris, Michael Kile
Format/Publication Date: HC:1986
Publisher: The Quilt Digest Press, San Francisco, CA
Language: English
Page Count: 135
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 9"
ISBN: 0913327085

SUMMARY- The chapter titled "The Art Quilt" isn't just a measly 3-5 page explanation of what an art quilt is but an engrossing 46 page overview of the history of quilting. I ended reading this one cover to cover, it was so absorbing. If you want a feel for the history of your craft, this is a fantastic find. Oh, and its interesting to flip through the art gallery section - you'll be fascinated by some and "meh" on others, but it's a nice snapshot of the art quilt scene of the mid-eighties.