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  • Index of Block Numbers & Origins
    • The Delightful Tradition of Block Collecting
    • Making Quilt Blocks in the Name of Friendship-
            Block Exchanges
            Friendship Quilts
    • Every Block a Quilt Pattern
    • Your Family History Preserved in a Quilt
    • A Personal Invitation
    • Choosing Colors & Fabrics
    • Planning Your Quilt-
            Arranging Blocks in the Six Basic Sets
            Designing Your Personal History Sampler
            Determining Yardage
    • Cutting the Fast, Accurate Way
    • Getting Ready for Piecing
    • Setting Up a Perfect Seam Gauge for Your Sewing Machine
    • Piecing the Easiest, Most Efficient Way-
            Chain Piecing Method
            Assembly-Line Method
            Additional Machine Stitching Pointers
    • Perfecting your Points & Joints
    • Pressing: Expert Advice for Making Your Seam Allowances Behave
    • Partial Seaming: The Simple Alternative to Set-in Patches
    • Joining Your Blocks into a Quilt Top-
            Assembling Blocks in the Six Basic Sets
            Assembling Blocks in a Personal History Sampler
    • Quilting
    • Binding and Finishing
  • Color Plates
  • The Block Collection-
          Explanation of Pattern Ratings
  • Block Diagrams & Descriptions
  • Quilt Block Coloring Book
  • Timesaving Charts-
          How to Use the Charts
  • Yardage Chart
  • Quilt Dimensions Charts
  • Helpful Formulas
  • Full-Size Patterns-
          How to Use the Patterns
  • Patterns for Blocks
  • Patterns for Sashes, Alternate Blocks and Quilting

Title: Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns
Editors: Judy Martin
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1988
Publisher: Crosley-Griffith Publishing Co., Denver, CO
Language: English
Page Count: 98
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0929589009

SUMMARY- First, this is a fantastic book. Second, any book that uses "Ultimate" in its title really oughtta be more than a hundred pages. I get annoyed with people who use "Encyclopedia" and "Compendium" as well. This is a petty quibble, and I know it! She gives you a few old favorites, but 139 brand new out-of-the-box blocks in full color with full size patterns provided. Her instructions for using her blocks - and quilting in general - are very clear and easy to follow. She gives some great advice, and lots of interesting little tidbits thrown in gratis. She even gives you several pages of quilting patterns for the blank blocks set between your patchwork blocks. I loved this book.

Here's a link to her website: