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  • Introduction
  • General Instructions
    • Flight of the Woofer
    • Rocky Mountain Bride's Quilt
    • Hobson's Choice
    • Blizzard
    • Crossroads
    • Cinco de Mayo
    • Breakfast at Zips
    • Cross of the Dunes
    • Grandma's Prairie Star
    • Love Is a Two-Way Street
    • Anniversary
    • Waltz
    • Twenty-Four Pointed Star
    • Caracole
    • Ghost Dance
    • Lady of the Lotus
    • Irish Gentleman
    • It's Obvious
    • Crescendo
    • Jam Session
    • Gnothi Seauton
    • Basket Weaving
    • Basket Weaving Variation
    • Home Cookin'
    • Tori's Star
    • Counterpoint
    • A-Maze-Ment
    • Illusion
    • Dominoes
  • Patterns for Templates

Title: Designs in Patchwork: 30 Bright New Quilts for Machine Piecing
Author/Designer: Diann Logan
Format/Publication Date: HC:1987
Publisher: Oxmoor House Inc., Birmingham, AL
Language: English
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 084870682X

SUMMARY- This is a project collection for patchwork quilts with mostly a midwestern flavor to them. I am probably heavily influenced by the photography on this point, as a lot of the quilts were photographed out in the snow, of which the Rocky Mountains typically has a lot of. I grew up there, so everything looked really familiar. A lot of the patterns did not, however, so if you were looking for traditional log cabins and lone stars, you've got the wrong book. If, however, you were looking for something that looks traditional but has a unique touch, you may want to have a look at this one.