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  • It's Fun to Make It Yourself:
    • History
    • General Techniques
    • Patchwork
    • Borders and Dividers
    • The Crazy Patch Quilt
    • Hexagonal Patchwork
    • The Many Facres of Applique
    • Applique by Sewing Machine
    • Quilting
    • The Tie That Binds
    • Variations on a Theme
    • Sew-As-You-Go Quilting
    • The Finishing Touches
  • A Colorful Array of Quilting and Patchwork:
    • Tree Nap Mat
    • Ote-dama Bags
    • Patty Patchwork
    • Soft Building Blocks
    • Patchwork Placemats
    • Hand-Painted and Quilted Vest
    • Crazy Patch Skirt/Comforter
    • Patchwork Tie
    • Ohio Star Tote Bag
    • Crazy Patch Racquet Cover
    • "Fat Towel" Poolside Mat
    • Patchwork Parsons Table
    • Little Schoolhouse Pillow
    • Super-Graphic
    • Quilted Tea Towel
    • Azteca Room Divider
    • roman STripe Patchwork Quilt
    • Sunbonnet Sue Applique Quilt
    • Baby Quilt
    • Landscape Crazy Patch Quilt
    • Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt
    • Wafting Winds Hawaiian Quilt
    • Log Cabin/Checkerboard Quilt
  • A Gallery of Quilts
  • Additional Ideas
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Special Features:
    • Hands Across the Frame: The Friendship Quilt
    • A Stitch in Time: Repairing Old Quilts
    • Sharing and Showing Quilts
    • Stories and Superstitions
    • How to Create an Unusual Quilt

Title: Quilting & Patchwork
Author/Designer: Lane Publishing, Inc.
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1973
Publisher: Lane Publishing Inc., Menlo Park, CA
Language: English
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0376046619

SUMMARY- This Lane Publishing quilting book doesn't date as well as the other one I have from the same time period - but it has a Hawaiian quilt pattern that is absolutely gorgeous, so keep in mind your mileage may vary. It also has a Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill quilt that is quite charming if you're a fan of this particular pattern. So, the lesson here is "your mileage may vary".