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  • Acknowledgments
  • Publication History of Barbara Johannah
  • Foreword by Robbie Fanning
  • How I Discovered Quiltmaking
          How to Use This Book
  • PART ONE: Understanding Quick Quiltimaking
          1. Getting Started
  • PART TWO: Crystal Piecing
          2. Crystal Piecing- Mark/Sew/Cut
          3. Half-Square Triangles- Medallion, Double 4-Patch, 25-Patch Sampler, Ocean Waves
          4. Quarter-Square Triangles- Ohio Star
          5. Other Jewels- Snowball, Garnet, Sapphire
  • PART THREE: Review of Strips and Strata
          6. Strips and Strata- Mark/Sew/Cut
          7. Squares- Checkerboard, Trip Around the World
          8. Rectangles- Rail Fence, Log Cabin
          9. 45° Angles- Star of Bethlehem, King's X
          10. Equilateral Triangles- Spider Web, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Paired Quilts
  • PART FOUR: Machine Quilting
          11. Machine Quilting Three Ways- The Old Way, New Ways, Possibilities
          12. How to Machine Quilt
  • PART FIVE: Design Your Own Quilt
          13. Designing Half-Square Triangle Quilts
          How to Analyze Any Block
          Calculations: Size, Difficulty, Yardage
  • PART SIX: Barbara's Notebook
  • Grids
  • Other Books by Barbara Johannah

Title: Barbara Johannah's Crystal Piecing: By the Pioneer of Quick Quiltmaking
Author/Designer: Barbara Johannah
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1980
Publisher: Chilton Book Co., Radnor, PA
Language: English
Page Count: 250
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0801984009

SUMMARY- You know it's going to be a fantastic book when it is published by Chilton with a Robbie Fanning introduction. I have no idea how mom missed this one - it is exactly what she loves in quilting. There is a ton of great information, clearly written and with plenty of diagrams, illustrations and full-color photos. If you lack patience for applique and handwork, but badly want to quilt, this is a very good book to have.