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  • Introduction
  • The Making of a Legend
  • Deck the Halls:
    • Santa Star Pillow(applique)
            by Vicki Gadberry
    • Needlepoint Ornaments- Santa and pets, Santa on a boat, Santa on a camel
            by Catherine Reurs
    • Santa Stocking(applique)
            by Lori Kerr
    • Christmas Tree Skirt(applique)
            by Kim Tibbals
    • Windsock Santa
            by Marj Beaty
    • Half-Circle Rug(hooked) of Santa Sleeping on his sleigh
            by Dana Irwin
    • Santa's Sampler(embroidery)
            by Peggy Hayes
  • Traditional Figures:
    • 24" Tall Harlequin Santa(mixed media)
            by Nan and Bill Parker
    • 16" Tall English Peddler Santa(mixed media)
            by Virginia Killmore
    • 12" Tall Pinecone Father Christmas(mixed media)
            by Pat Scheible
    • 11 1/2" Tall Christmas Tree Santa(mixed media)
            by Dana Irwin
    • 23" Tall Wondrous Saint(mixed media)
            by Christi Hensley
    • 12" Tall Roly-Poly Santa(stiffened fabric)
            by Mary Kay West
    • 23" Tall Winter's Eve Santa(mixed media)
            by Nan and Bill Parker
    • 20" Tall Heirloom Santa(mixed media)
            by Carol Costenbader
  • Paper & Papier-mache:
    • 21" Golfing Santa
            by Mary Beth Ruby
    • 16" Father Christmas with Toys Aplenty
            by Lorraine Gouge
    • 8 1/2" Tall Jingle Bell Trio
            by Virginia Boegli
    • 10"to 16" Handmade Paper Santa Plaques
            by Claudia Lee
    • 8" Tall Merry Mr. Claus
            by Lorraine Gouge
    • 13" Tall Victorian Father Christmas
            by Mary Beth Ruby
    • 2 1/2"x 23" Tall Santa Bearing Gifts
            by Guy Koppi
  • Painted Images:
    • Moon & Stars Santa(gourd!)
            by Susan Forrest
    • Potato Print Card Holder
            by Fleta Monaghan
    • Chestnut Snag Santa(like driftwood)
            by Bonnie Bullman
    • Painted Egg Ornaments
            by Pat Scheible
  • Wearables:
    • Light-of-the-Moon Jacket(gorgeous!)
            by Pat Scheible
    • Santa Gourd Pendant
            by Susan Forrest
    • Papier-mache Santa Pins
            by Mary Beth Ruby
    • Santa Slipper Socks(knit)
            by Gay Symmes
    • Nordic Santa Pullover(knit)
            by Gay Symmes
    • Santa and Sleigh Chapeau(mixed media)
            by Pat Scheible
    • Child's Sweater "Santa's Arrival"(knit)
            by Gay Symmes
  • Carving & Sculpting:
    • 4" Tall Elfin Santa(basswood)
            by Terry Taylor
    • 7" Tall Father Christmas(polymer clay)
            by Diane Kuebitz
    • 9 1/4" Dancing Santa(basswood)
            by Alice M Lawson
    • 19" Jointed Wooden Santa(boards)
            by David Vance
    • 11 1/2" Tall golden Mystic Santa(basswood)
            by Terry Taylor
    • 8" Tall Polymer Clay Santa Claus
            by Maureen Carlson
  • Holiday Dining:
    • Place Mats w/ Napkins and Rings(embroidery)
            by Mary Parker
    • Embroidered Tablecloth and Napkins
            by Mary Savage
    • Saint Nick Slipcovers(for chair backs)
            by Pat Schieble
    • Santa Wine Bottle Covers(applique)
            by Mary Parker
    • Santa Tote Bag(applique)
            by Mary Parker
    • Chef Claus Apron(applique)
            by Mary Parker
    • Winter Wonderland Santa(embroidery)
            by Lula Chang, Cathi Rosengren
  • Just For Fun:
    • "Santa's Gym" Baseball Cap
            by Pat Scheible
    • Santa Hand Puppet(gourd,fabric)
            by Ginger Summit
    • Somersaulting Santa(wood boards)
            by Terry Taylor
    • Santa Cat Gourd(painted)
            by Beverly Robbins
    • Star-Surfing Santa(fabric doll, star)
            by Marj Beaty
    • Acrobatic Santa(cloth doll)
            by Nan and Bill Parker
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributing Designers

Title: A Crafter's Book of Santas: More Than 50 Festive Projects
Author: Leslie Dierks
Format/Publication Date: HC:1996
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY
Language: English
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0806981644

SUMMARY- I was surprised at how many projects in this book I found entertaining and looked like fun to do. Marj Beaty's "Windsock Santa" in particular appealed to me, and Pat Scheible's "Santa's Gym" Baseball Cap cracks me up every time I think about it - you'll see why if you decide to hunt down a copy of this book for your craft library. It has a little bit for just about everybody except for crocheters. The only name I recognized among all the designers was Maureen Carlson(polymer clay artist). Despite that, quality is high across the board and supports a very long-held opinion of mine - that you'll get higher quality if the designer is going to be acknowledged. The further their name is from the project(or not there altogether), the less effort they will put into the work they turn in. I had low expectations when I saw that the Table of Contents didn't even list the projects, let alone the designers, but all was saved as I began adding this information to the ToC page by page. Ms. Dierks not only acknowledged the designer in her little blurb for each project, but made sure the name was a prominent label on the main photo of each project where you can't miss it. Kudos to Ms. Dierks for taking care of her designers - and letting me know who's twisted genius that "Santa's Gym" Baseball Cap was...