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  • Introduction
  • History
  • Getting Started
  • Constructing the Blocks
  • Gallery of Quilts
  • Embroidering the Blocks
  • Adding Beads
  • Gallery of Blocks
    • Acorn Wreath
    • Album Wreath
    • Baltimore Mansion
    • Beaded Basket
    • Beaded Cornucopia
    • Beribboned Bouquet
    • Blooming Basket
    • Bountiful Cornucopia
    • Bouquet of Roses
    • Cactus Reel
    • Cherry Wreath
    • Clipper Ship
    • Country Cabin
    • Eagle
    • Feathered Heart
    • Grapevine Wreath
    • Heart Wreath
    • Library
    • Lyre
    • Oak Reel
    • Open Wreath
    • Roses with a Peacock
    • Rose Wreath
    • Strawberry Wreath
    • Traditional Red Basket
    • Urn with Roses
    • Vase of Flowers
    • Woven Basket
  • Assembling and Finishing
  • Border Patterns
  • Resources
  • Bibliography
  • Meet the Author
  • Index of Stitches

Title: Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts: 28 Embroidered and Embellished Block Designs
Author/Designer: Jenifer Buechel
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1997
Publisher: That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA
Language: English
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1564771768

SUMMARY- Mom had one or two quilt books for embroidered blocks, but embroidery wasn't really her thing - though she did do a set of exquisite peacocks on black satin that were used as decoration in our living room growing up. I think she decided that was enough of that, because to my knowledge she never embroidered again. If she wanted her tea towels to have a little something on them, she used tubes of fabric paint that were all the rage at the time. I happened to see this book available on and ordered it. I'm happy I did. You get 28 block patterns and a couple of different border designs. Her instructions are fairly straightforward. If you love the look of album quilts but don't want to invest in the full-size applique version, this might be your speed.