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  • Introduction
  • Basic Quilting Techniques:
    • Miriam's Favorite Applique Method
    • Transferring Embroidery Designs
    • Tubing and Celtic Work
    • Assembling the Quilt
    • Binding
    • Attaching Cording
    • Dry Brushing
    • Antiquing Fabric Using Paint and Water
    • Embroidery Stitches
    • Yo-yos and Tassels
    • Machine Quilting
  • Spring:
    • Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out to Dance?
    • Buffalo Gals Doll
    • Buffalo Pillow
    • Harewood Forest
    • Ruth Ellen's Red and White Quilt
    • Mama's Flower Garden
    • I Can Fly
  • Summer:
    • Raggy Flaggy
    • Miss Liberty
    • Long May She Wave
    • Shaker Proverb
    • Shaker Apple Curtains
    • Shaker Tree of Life
  • Autumn:
    • Old Crow Farm
    • Horse Pillow
    • The Queen of the Harvest
    • Harvest Gatherings: Pumpkin, Carrots, Corn
    • Hi Honey, I'm Home
    • Bee Skep
  • Winter:
    • The Warmth of Home
    • The Snowman
    • The Peacemakers
    • And a Partridge in a Pear Tree
    • Fox Creek Woods

Title: Quilt and Sew Fanciful Folk Art: 24 projects from pillows to quilts
Author: Miriam Gourley
Publication Date: TPB:2004
Publisher: KP Books, Iola, WI
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0873498437

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Patterns are all full-size on tissue paper in an envelope glued to the inside of the back cover. You get a really wide variety of applique patterns with a smattering of soft sculpture art.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Her instructions are very well broken down and heavily illustrated with fantastic full-page color photos of each finished project - I don't think you can get better than that!

SUMMARY- Most of this book is applique, but you do get one doll pattern, a bee skep, and some soft sculpture vegetables. A lot of this is "country primitive" with a huge dose of whimsey that lends it all a lot of funny charm.